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Dear Ministry Partner:

“That is why it was called Babel – because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.” (Genesis 11:9)

The Tower of Babel is a well-known story from the Bible. Despite some explanations as to the reason why this story is in the Bible, the main outcome is obvious – the division of so many languages that we have in the world today. Verse seven states that different languages confuse, and limit human capabilities.

The challenge for the church is to preach the Gospel in all languages, until all have heard! FEBC International is also aware of the huge challenge of preaching the Gospel in so many languages. One of our ministry’s distinctives, is to use local people to broadcast in their own mother tongue – so that the message aired by the messenger, can be better assimilated by our listeners.

In June, we will feature the work that FEBC is doing in Indonesia. Most Indonesians, aside from speaking the national language of Bahasa Indonesian, are fluent in at least one of more than 700 indigenous local languages. God is doing great things in this predominately Muslim country.

You will be most welcome to join one of the Virtual Update Meetings and learn how FEBC International is ministering in Indonesia. To RSVP, and to check details regarding June’s meeting dates and times, please CLICK HERE

Kindly note the start time for your area. To join, simply click on the link below for a time that is most convenient for you:

  • June 8 – Thursday evening (5 pm Pacific / 6 pm Alberta - Saskatchewan / 7 pm Manitoba / 8 pm Eastern / 9 pm Atlantic / 9:30 pm Newfoundland)
  • June 20 – Tuesday morning (9 am Pacific / 10 am Alberta - Saskatchewan / 11 am Manitoba / 12 noon Eastern / 1 pm Atlantic / 1:30 pm Newfoundland)

The ID: 704 868 0789 and the Passcode: 062023 are the same for every meeting.

You can also join us by a toll-free phone number: 1.888.788.0099 (ID: 704 868 0789 / Passcode: 062023). If you would like to unmute, please press: *(star)+6.