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Joshua oversees the administration and development of the fast-expanding Khmu ministry work in Southeast Asia. The Khmu were traditionally slaves and illiterate, but younger generations have been able to receive a proper education. Most Khmu reside in Laos and its neighbouring countries – Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

In 1987, FEBC International’s Khmu-language broadcasts were inaugurated when there were an estimated 6,000 Khmu Christians in the world. The daily Khmu Gospel programs are aired on shortwave from the ministry’s facilities in the Philippines, and supplemented by newer content delivery methods such as SD cards and speaker boxes. Today, there are over 70,000 Christians – thanks, to a large extent, to these broadcasts.

Since 2019, appropriate social media platforms are used to share the Good News with Khmu listeners who mostly live in Laos.

Your support will continue to enable Joshua to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to organize and administer the Khmu ministry work.

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