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The southeastern African country of Malawi, is a landlocked nation that is slightly larger in area than the island of Newfoundland – but that’s where the comparison ends, as Malawi’s population has now passed the 20 million mark (compared to Newfoundland’s 278,000).

The region was settled around the tenth century by migrating Bantu groups, and centuries later (in 1891), the area was colonized by the British, who named it Nyasaland. In 1964, the country was renamed Malawi, and two years later it became a Republic.

Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries; and because the population is largely rural, the economy is based heavily on agriculture.

Malawi’s official national languages are English and Chewa, along with seven recognized regional languages that include Yao – which is spoken by a predominately Muslim-faith ethnic people-group that FEBC International has been airing broadcasts to “with amazing results”.

In addition to on-air broadcasts from the ministry’s radio station Litala FM (The Way), hundreds of listeners’ clubs have been formed throughout the Yao-speaking regions of the country.

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Religion in Malawi

Protestant – 58.5%
Catholic – 17.2%
Islam – 13.8%
Other – 8.4%
None – 2.1%