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Ukraine has been in the news, and in the minds of many, because of the ongoing war. Despite all the chaos, loss, and destruction, Ukraine is a ministry field ready for a bountiful harvest!

During this past year, never before has the country witnessed such a hunger for the Gospel, prompting this saying that "there are now fewer atheists in Ukraine than before the war began!"

Even though two ministry radio stations have been lost, God has miraculously opened doors for the establishment of new FM stations in two other major cities.

With the combination of experienced and a younger generation of broadcasters, special programs are aired to meet the needs of different age-groups: children, teens, young adults, parents, and grandparents.

By innovatively using new media platforms, smartphone apps, social media networks, and traditional radio - many Ukrainians have been reached with the Good News. Local churches are actively partnering with the radio ministry - in providing volunteer help and counselling to listeners, as well as nurturing new Christians in their newfound faith.

Additional "help lines" have been set up, and the counselling team has been doubled - in order to offer much-needed live counselling and prayer for the listeners.

Your support will help sustain and advance the critical ministry work in Ukraine.

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Religion in Ukraine
Orthodoxy - 72%
Catholic - 9%
Protestant - 2%
Other Christian - 2%
Other - 3%
Atheist - 10%
Unknown - 2%