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The Middle East is where the Republic of Yemen is situated. More specifically, this country lies at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, with land neighbours Saudi Arabia, and Oman – it also shares maritime borders with Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia.

There is evidence that the modern-day Yemenis descended from the Sabeans – who were eventually influenced by Judaism, with Christianity arriving in the Fourth Century. Islam gained a foothold three centuries later, and was instrumental in the country’s division during the following years that led up to the Ottoman and British Empires of the 1800s.

FEBC International has been reaching out to the Yemeni people through a program called Reality Church – which is a major source of spiritual nourishment for the Christian Yemeni population. This program also serves the purpose of “virtual pulpit preaching”, for house churches in Yemen that lack pastoral leadership.

This effort stands in stark contrast to the restrictions on religious freedoms by the government. Christian activities have always been very closely monitored by government officials, thereby making it perilous to listen to the ministry program – as a result, many believers secretly tune in to the broadcasts.

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Religion in Yemen

Muslim - 99.1% (officially, virtually all are citizens – an estimated 65% are Sunni and 35% are Shia).

Other - 0.9% (includes Jewish, Baha'i, Hindu, and Christian; many are refugees or temporary foreign residents)