Established in 1964, FEBCanada is an autonomous member of FEBC International - a global Christian radio broadcast ministry that has been sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to listeners for over 70 years: using traditional radio, and in recent years, the internet, new technologies, and appropriate media platforms.

FEBCanada has been contributing to the global ministry through prayer, finances, and program production.


In 1945, three gentlemen (Robert Bowman, John Broger, and William Roberts) heeded God’s call to preach the Gospel to Asia, and with one country in particular on their hearts – China. In December 1945, Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC International) was incorporated.

FEBC International aired its very first broadcast from Shanghai and within a few years, shortwave broadcasts were aired from the Philippines into China.

At the time of the ministry’s incorporation, Bob Bowman was a member of the Haven of Rest Quartet – which aired its musical programs on Christian radio stations throughout North America.

FEBCanada's History and Growth
Major Milestones in Chronology:

Canadians Gordon Brand and Rowland Hill (charter members of the Rock of Ages Quartet) first meet Robert (Bob) Bowman, during their military leave in the United States – the start of a close personal and ministry friendship.

The Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC International) is incorporated in the United States. Robert H. Bowman, John Broger, and William J. Roberts are the ministry’s original founders.

At the encouragement of Bob Bowman, the Rock of Ages Quartet begins promoting the work of FEBC International. Widely known in western Canada, the Quartet readily gains an audience in Canadian churches. As promotional work of FEBCanada expands, so does the awareness of the missionary radio network by Canadian Christians.

April – FEBCanada is incorporated as “Far East Broadcasting Associates of Canada” – a non-profit, charitable organization. The first board of directors consists of Rock of Ages Quartet members and several other men, with Gordon Brand as chairman.

Radio Outreach Dinners (Friendship Dinners) are inaugurated in the early 1970’s. These functions have remained a significant source of growth in the support of FEBCanada.

Darrell and Judy Johnson depart for the Philippines – becoming FEBCanada’s first missionaries, serving in the areas of computers, broadcasting, and follow-up. (Darrell currently serves on FEBCanada’s Board of Directors.)

A new avenue of ministry for FEBCanada begins with the establishment of the Chinese Ministries, for the production of radio programs for broadcast to China. Chinese Ministries’ initial program production is conducted in “loaned” facilities at a local Chinese church in the Greater Vancouver area.

An office / warehouse building is purchased in Burnaby (Metro Vancouver), British Columbia.

May 17 – official dedication of FEBCanada’s new headquarters, an occasion attended by FEBC president and co-founder Dr. Bob Bowman, as well as ministry directors from several countries.

With the appointment of Sionh Chan as Khmu-language program producer at FEBCanada, FEBC International initiates Gospel radio broadcasts to the Khmu people-group of Southeast Asia.

A satellite production studio is dedicated in Toronto (Scarborough), Ontario.

Toronto satellite studio moves to its current location in Markham, Ontario – facilitating increased program production.

Chinese Ministries inaugurates local broadcasting in Vancouver.

December – FEBCanada’s head office is relocated to Richmond, British Columbia.

April 8 marks the 50th anniversary of FEBCanada.

The launch of a new multi-language online radio station - Gospel stream

The Last Decade Through the faithfulness of ministry partners across the country, FEBCanada provides substantial financial support to over 40 projects in 17 countries where FEBC International has a broadcast presence.

Programs in Mandarin and Cantonese are produced for broadcast to Chinese listeners in China, and in other parts of the world. Select programs in these languages are also aired on local radio stations in Metro Vancouver in British Columbia, and in Calgary, Alberta.

Two missionary families serve in Thailand – for the Khmu people-group of Southeast Asia.

A new multi-language online radio station — Gospel Stream - is on the air 24/7. Click here to listen.

Bob Bowman

“Remain focused on the main thing. It’s all about Jesus. Just share the Gospel; it will change lives.”

A tribute to Mr. Bob Bowman. His life’s passion was pursuing God and he did that faithfully.