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Spread across a chain of over 17,000 islands between Asia and Australia, lies the country of Indonesia – home to more than 278 million people, which makes this island nation the fourth most populated in the world.

Sophisticated kingdoms existed before the arrival of the Dutch, who colonized the archipelago before giving in to an independence struggle in 1949. Today, the country is one of the world’s major emerging economies, but has faced many natural disasters that have slowed the process.

Most Indonesians, aside from speaking the national language of Bahasa Indonesian, are fluent in at least one of more than 700 indigenous local languages. In addition to Bahasa Indonesian, FEBC International airs programs in the major languages of Javanese, Sundanese, Minangnese, Buginese, Makassarese, and Sasaknese.

While the radio network owns and operates seven radio stations in the country, God has opened the door for the ministry to dramatically expand its outreach – through more than a hundred small, privately-owned stations that noticed how much people enjoyed listening to the ministry’s broadcasts.

In a nation that is home to the world’s largest Muslim population, FEBC International is grateful to be able to broadcast a combined 210 broadcast hours a day over these many stations.

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Religion in Indonesia

Muslim – 86.7%
Protestant – 7.1%
Catholic – 2.9%
Hindu – 1.7%
Buddhist – 0.8%
Other – 0.7%
None – 0.1%