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Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked Central Asian country that is endowed with natural beauty and historic nomadic traditions; and almost all of the land was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1876. This resulted in a revolution against the Tsarist Empire in 1916, when a large portion of the Kyrgyz population were killed.

Kyrgyzstan became a member of the Soviet Union in 1926, and achieved independence in 1991 during the dissolution of the Soviet era. Political unrest that began in 2005 and lasted through 2010, resulted in the ouster of the country’s first two presidents. Today, Kyrgyzstan’s political system is a Parliamentary Republic.

Radio OK in the capital city of Bishkek – and its five repeater stations in Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Osh, Talas, and Toktogul are FEBC International’s answer to increasing audience coverage in this former Soviet Republic. Being fully aware of the country’s overwhelming Islamic population, FEBC International approaches programming through discussions about the ordinary life issues in the country – mainly relating to family matters, including domestic abuse.

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Religion in Kyrgyzstan

Muslim - 90% (majority Sunni)
Christian - 7% (Russian Orthodox 3%)
Other - 3% (includes Jewish, Buddhist, Baha'i)