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Vietnam is one of several remaining Communist countries in the world. Christians endure both state and tribal forms of persecution. A significant number of the Christians in Vietnam are ethnic minorities, who are also faced with social exclusion, discrimination, even attacks regularly.

Since Vietnam is considered a restricted country, religious activities are closely monitored. Only two percent of the 98 million population are Christians. FEBC International has been airing Gospel programs to Vietnam on shortwave radio for decades. Newer and more flexible mobile technologies have also been used to augment traditional radio. Even the visually impaired can now be reached by the ministry’s special “sign language” programs – thanks to the creative use of new media platforms. With your continuing support, FEBC International can expand and take advantage of the opportunities that God has provided in the land of Vietnam.

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Religion in Vietnam
Folk Religion - 73.1%
Buddhism - 12.2%
Catholicism - 6.9%
Caodaism - 4.8%
Protestantism - 1.5%
Haohaoism - 1.4%
Others - 0.1%